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Bobine d'allumage pour MTD EB356, EB358, MS354, 1435, 1635, 4016, 4018 [#9288310801]

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Ignition Coil for MTD EB356, EB358, MS354, 1435, 1635, 4016, 4018 [#9288310801]

promotionThis listing is about a brand new after-market Ignition Module which fits the following MTD models, and replaces OEM Part #9288-310801:

  • EB 356 (41AY56NR203)
  • EB 356 (41AY56NR903)
  • EB 356a (41AY56NR003)
  • EB 358 (41AY58NR903)
  • EB 358a (41AY58NR003)
  • MS 354 (41AY54NQ977)
  • MS 354a (41AY54NQ077)
  • MS 4016 PAVCC (41AY06PR966)
  • MS 4016 PAVCC (41AY06PR977)
  • MS 4018 PAVCC (41AY08PR966)
  • MS 4018 PAVCC (41AY08PR977)
  • MTD 1435a (41AY54NQ000)
  • MTD 1635a (41AY56AR000)
  • MTD 1640 NAVCC (41AY06AR900)
  • MTD 1840 AVCC (41AY08AR900)

Note: As shown in the listed picture, this ignition module is bundled with appropriate cabling and the spark plug boot.

This high-performance Ignition Module comes directly from a top-quality
ISO-certified Manufacturer.


This top-quality Ignition Module is covered by a 2-year warranty.

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