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Segment de Piston 35 x 1.2 mm (1.378 x 0.047 in) pour Tronçonneuses, Taille-haies, Débroussailleuses, Scooters, Motos

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Segment de Piston en fonte avec encoche latérale et dimensions 35 x 1.2 mm (1.378 x 0.047 in)

A brand new top-quality Piston Ring with lateral notches and dimensions 35 x 1.2 mm (1.378 x 0.047 in) made by CABER Srl (Italy).

This piston ring fits many 2T engine models of chainsaws, trimmers, brush-cutters, blowers, augers, scooters and motorbikes such as the following:

Our Piston Rings are branded and come directly from the top-quality and
worldwide-known OEM Manufacturer CABER.


CABER Piston Rings are made from I-Cast Iron with high bending strength
according to ISO STD 6621-3:1990 and DIN 70909.

Protect your valuable machine. Use only Branded & High-Quality Parts.
Enjoy thousands hours of safe and trouble-free operation!

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